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Wood Blinds, Solar Shades, and Motorized Window Treatments

 Wood Blinds

Wood blinds will add that touch of warmth that only natural woods can do. Select a wood and/or stain that will match or bring out your floors. Add that touch of the woodsy outdoors, with our gorgeous wood selections, to your home or business.

At our manufacturing plant our artisans custom arrange your wood blinds. Fitting wide, small, or odd shape windows is a challenge we can handle. Tell us the window’s dimensions, the kind of wood, size of louvers (blades), if you want a stain or a trim – these are your custom made wood blinds. Our window treatment artisans, well are just that artisans. Our experience in custom manufacturing is noted in the industry. We build quality products, so don’t be fooled by cheap imitation products what will fall apart and you will need to replace in the near future. Our products are built to last and will bring into your home or business that classic accident look you want. 


Solar Shades


Solar shades protect your home’s valuables from sun damage yet you are able to preserve the view you dearly want to see each day. Say you have electronics or a piano directly in front of a window, with the shades up these items would be at risk for sun damage. Same goes for furniture and carpets over time sun damage will cause fading. The more wood an item has the weaker it holds up to heat and the sun’s UV rays. You really want to protect big wood items such as pianos, cabinets, and tables, and fine grade wood floors. Solar shades work like sun block to block the harmful UV rays and keep your items safe and at the same time you continue to enjoy the safe natural sunlight that comes through the solar shades.

Solar Shades are measured by how much sunlight they let through, from 3% – 14%. The smaller the number the greater UV protection you have. Also the whiter the fabric of the shade the more sunlight it reflects.


Solar shades provide that modern, sleek, and organized look to your rooms.

Convenience at Home or for a Business

With solar shades you reduce sun glare. Install solar shades in rooms with computers or televisions, such as a home office or living room. Solar shades are great for many kinds of businesses where employees are sitting at a computers near windows, or for restaurants and dentist offices to provide a comfortable atmosphere. Your employees can enjoy the benefit of looking outside which has been shown to increase productivity! These are also great for daycare nurseries! Businesses have also used the back of the shades to print their company’s name on and logo.

Chose either a dark or light colored fabric, to give you the glare reduction you want. A lighter shade will give you a better see through view. A second shade should be added so that you may maintain each room’s privacy at night.


Solar Shades cut down on solar heat therefore your air-condition works less! That can help you save a huge chunk of change in the summer months. During the winter they provided another layer of protection therefore less of the heat radiation from heaters goes out the window! To reflect the most light, chose a light colored fabric.


Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments can quickly transform a room, controlling sunlight and solar heat with virtually silent motors, and then easily disappear into hidden pockets in the ceiling when not in use. Most of our window treatments can be motorized.

Call us today and one of our experts will assist you in choosing which shutters or window treatments are right for your home or business. Call us at 239-449-8420. Check us out on Facebook!

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