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Specialty Shapes and Applications

As modern architecture has grown by leaps and bounds, so too does the imaginative designs for each customers’ visionary homes and buildings. Combining functionality with aesthetics, we strive to make the final touches of our windows inseparable from the vision set forth by you.

You might have thought before that you could not have shutters on a nonstandard window. Oh, but yes you can! We know that windows come in all shapes and sizes. Specialty designs are the expression of a customer’s imagination, and the opportunity for us to meet that expectation. Our work takes into account many factors: the amount of natural light shining into the room, the aesthetic theme of the décor, and the materials most suited to the shape and function of the shutters. We aim to use the natural beauty and durability of our materials to its fullest advantage in your home.

Over the years we have made and installed for all kinds of unusual shaped windows and doors, for example:

⊕ Arches

⊕ Sunburst Arches (Half Circles)

⊕ Quarter Arches (Quarter Circles)

⊕ Eyebrow Arches

⊕ Imperfect Arches

⊕ Crestview Imperfect Arches

⊕ Radius Tops

⊕ Slant Tops

⊕ Rake Tops

⊕ Trapezoids

⊕ Hexagons

⊕ Octagons

⊕  L-Shape

⊕ Ovals

⊕ Circles

⊕ Skylights

⊕ Bay Windows

⊕ Sliding Doors

⊕ French Doors

We are able to offer this service because we have the whole process right where we work, from design, to manufacture, and to installation. To design unique shutters for every customer, we took the step to manufacture on-site through installing our own mill. Able to monitor each tier of manufacture, from raw lumber to finished piece, we are better able to guarantee the quality our customers look for when they come to our company.

Choose which kind of wood you want for your new shutters and tell what kind of light control you want. Do you want light to shine from the ceiling to floor or from left to right? Our artisans manufacture your shutter’s louver orientation to suit.

Do you have French doors and need a shutter for those? We mount them securely onto the door so there’s no clanking when you open and close your doors as there would be with blinds.

We can make you a bi-fold double shutter or sliding shutter for a sliding glass door. No more blinds bumping around when you open your door on a windy day!

Call Today! 1-239-449-8420

We are an all American company based in Naples, Florida and able to ship anywhere in the USA. Call us to and speak to one of our experts to help you choose which shutters or window treatments are right for your specially shaped windows and to see if you are in our installation area. Call us at 239-449-8420. Find us on Facebook to see more of our projects.

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