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QMotion Motorized Shades

QMotion shades are a new form of motorized shades that became available in 2011
. Give your room a modern, elegant, and organized look. These shades are all flame retardant and available in an arrange of colors to match your room. It has a gap of 7/16”, making it the smallest gap there is in the industry!

QMotion shades receive high marks due to its quiet motion. This comes from its near friction-less design, by using steel ball bearings in each shade’s tube. You will not be able to hear the motor turn the tube. This feature makes these shades popular for many locations including, restaurants, offices, hotels, salons, universities, and homes.

QMotion shades are convenient because they are remote controlled. There are several ways to use them. There is a simpler remote with a magnetic backing so it can be mounted on a wall. Then there is also a remote control system that not only controls your shades but can control your lights and thermostats and is run online. So ran them on your tablet!

QMotion shades are also programmed to be controlled by hand. This is a handy feature in case you have misplaced your remote! Just pull it more than two inches and it goes into manual mode.
Now they have an even more convenient method, you can control your QMotion shades via an app! Down loadable from your app store in iphone or Android smartphone options.
QMotion shades are per-programmed to stop before they pass over the top, this protections your walls and the shades.

Free of Cords
QMotion shades have no cords dangling around. This makes them safer for homes with children. QMotion shades are a great option for daycare nurseries or homes with younger children.

Each QMotion shade’s slim tube houses a battery chamber for three D-cell alkaline batteries. Replacement is easy. The shade’s low power design will give you about 3 – 5 years of battery life. QMotion shades have no wires, making installation an easier task.

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* http://www.qmotionshades.com/

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