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Exterior Wood True Louver Colonial and Bahama Shutters

True Wood Louver Colonial Shutters are the most sought after shutters. Wood Louver Colonial Shutters after all are a true American and European cultural heritage object! To keep with authenticity our artisans handcraft your Colonial or Bahama Shutters from solid wood and assemble everything in our facility in Naples, Florida.

What kinds of woods do we use? That depends on your home or business and what you are looking for. We are the architects, designers, artisans, and manufacturers. You deal with direct masters of the shutter craft trade. Our architects and artisans have seen just about all shapes and sizes of windows and doors, over the years. We will know what to do with your unique ideas or project. If a traditional look is what you are after, we have that style down! Our Exterior Wood True Louver Colonial and Bahama Shutters are kiln dried which makes them more durable, lasting for decades!

Our architectural designers are in-house so we can design to your heart’s imagination. Our artisans then will add the finish and/or color that will go right with the outdoor paint of your home or business. The choices are limited only by you! We can advise you on colors that can enhance your home or business outdoor appearance. We have worked in the industry for four generations, with that comes experience! We know shutters!

Exterior Wood Louver Colonial and Bahama Shutters offer you so much more besides a beautiful addition to the outside of your home or business. They give you privacy, for those well deserved mellow Sundays. They protect your windows from the wind. They help insulate your home or business, helping to reduce costs. They reduce noise from neighbor’s or road traffic. For businesses, Exterior Louver Colonial and Bahama Shutters help your business set itself apart from businesses next door or near by. Or in some cases, you’ll want shutters to go with the business district’s theme!

Customize your Exterior Wood Louver Colonial or Bahama Shutters your way. Any size, any shape, not just rectangles, we have worked on full arches, semi arches, circles, and squares. Try to surprise us!

Give us a call and speak to one of our experts at 239-449-8420. We are proud to make USA made shutters. Our manufacturing plant is located on the sunny eastern coast of Florida, in Naples, and we ship anywhere in the USA. We also have a showroom in Key Largo, Florida.

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