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Exterior Aluminum Bahama and Colonial Shutters



Exterior Bahama shutters are intended to give a Bahamian or tropical look to a home’s exterior. These shutters have stationary louvers or blades held within a frame. The blade spacing is 2″, allowing for greater visibility and light.

Exterior shutters are mounted from a continuous hinge at the top that, in turn, is mounted above the window. At the bottom, they extend from the wall of your home with adjustable telescoping arms.

While enhancing the beauty of your home, exterior aluminum Bahama shutters provide shade from direct sunlight while allowing a degree of visibility between the louvers. They can be secured flat against the wall to provide additional protection from flying debris during a hurricane or storm.

Exterior aluminum Bahama shutters are a favorite choice by residents of the Southeastern United States. Our artisans can customize your Bahama shutters to the length, width, and color that will protect your windows and make your home dazzle!


Colonial shutters offer you that quaint traditional style that is timeless. Colonial shutters have stationary louvers or blades. They are hinged on the side and open to the outside of the window. The shutters are traditionally held in place with a latch to the wall. The blade spacing is 1 3/4″, allowing for visibility and light.

While providing a traditional look, these exterior colonial shutters can also be closed in front of the window to provide protection from flying debris during a storm or hurricane. Order it the way you want it, we can make them with locking bars and flutter plates, which are needed for hurricane protect.

There are Two Categories of Exterior Aluminum Colonial Shutters:

Non-Impact Shutters – These exterior Colonial shutters are not tested to meet any building codes. They are made of extruded aluminum with welded corners and provide a substantial degree of protection under storm conditions.

Impact Rated Shutters – These exterior Colonial shutters are tested to meet all the local and state building codes (Florida Building Code, Texas Building Code, International Building Code, etc.). Certified engineering drawings are available. These shutters are also made from extruded aluminum with welded corners and provide the highest degree of protection from storms.

Give your home that Colonial Estate style!

Arched Frames
We offer arched frames in our Colonial line of shutters. Our artisans hand craft each arched frame in our factory. Since we make them, we can place individual arched frame orders. Please contact us for pricing.

Exterior aluminum Colonial shutters are available in a wide range of marine grade powder coat colors. Color matching is also available.

We are an all USA manufacturing plant, located in Naples, Florida. We can ship anywhere in the USA. 

Give us a call and speak to one of our experts to help you choose which shutters or window treatments are right for your home or business. Call us at 239-449-8420.


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